Unit 1: 
Research Your Topic 

Select a relevant topic and research. Keeping in mind the main character (protagonist), a place and time and several opposing forces.

Google Doc Template: Worksheet 1 ( login to Google first )

Printable: Worksheet 1

Example: Worksheet 1
 Unit 2: 
Plan Your Game 

Synthesize the content into game logic, world and character concepts. Make sure everything tells a story that reflects your research research and will work within the parameters of the game.

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Printable: Worksheet 2

Example: Worksheet 2
 Unit 3: 
Create Game Art 

Produce game art that you will show in a presentation. Create the characters and their world. You will also need to design the user interface ( the buttons and the scoreboard ).

Google Doc Template: Worksheet 3 ( login to Google first )

Printable: Worksheet 3

Example: Worksheet 3
 Unit 4: 
Present Your Design 

Gather all of your research as well as the storyline for your game. Then and combine it with the artwork and make a presentation to your classmates.

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Printable: Worksheet 4

Example: Worksheet 4
Working Game 

Tech-savy classes with Adobe Photoshop and Flash can insert their art into the Frenzy Framework and see it come alive.


Example: Game